IGP Vaucluse

IGP Vaucluse
Merlot Caladoc

Colour: Red
Grape-varieties: Merlot 20% & Caladoc 20%

The Vineyard & Soil: the vineyard is situated about 3 kilometers from Gigondas and the soil is clayish-limestone.

Vinification: the vinification is traditional, the grapes are harvested by hand, carefully sorted and destemmed. The maceration lasts 10 days to obtain maximum aromatic compounds.

Ageing: the wines are kept in vats for 12 months before being bottled.
The country wine is Estate-bottled with our own bottling system.

Serving suggestions: this wine is perfect with grilled meat, pizza, exotic dishes, risotto, pasta, summer dishes, salad and cheese. You can serve it chilled.
It's a lively and fruity wine for drinking every day or with friends.
This wine can be kept 2 years and it is excellent value for money.